Netgear Updates

If you own a Netgear router, please check Netgear's support site to see if your router needs a firmware update.

You can visit ZD Net for more details about this vulnerability.

You can visit Tom's Guide for additional information.

Changing the admin password on your Netgear product.

Information on manually updating the firmware on your Netgear produc.

Information on finding your Netgear product's model number

Netgear's Customer Service number 1-(888)-638-4327

Netgear's Support Site

According to Netgear, the following models will not be receiving patches.

What if my router is on the list?

If your router is part of the list that won't receive patches, we recommend replacing your router as soon as possible.

Please be aware we are an unmanaged service provider and do not sell/support/configure/repair/maintain customer equipment as our responsibility stops at our uplink.

Here is a list of compatible routers that work best with our network. You are not obligated to purchase any particular one, however, the router you choose should be Gigabit rated.

Router Make Router Model
Netgear R6400 or newer
Asus RT-AC1200 or newer
Asus RT-AC52U or newer
Asus RT-AC1200G or newer