About KC Fiber

Welcome to the home of North Kansas City's own fiber-optic broadband network. As the only complete underground fiber network north of the river, liNKCity delivers high-speed internet throughout the city to both business and residential homes. LiNKCity is operated and maintained by KC Fiber LLC, and strives to provide a reliable connection every time.

For questions or to sign up for service today contact KC Fiber customer service at 816-412-7990. Our NKC staff will provide your business with fast solutions in a friendly and professional manner. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

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For your business

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The fiber network of KC Fiber allows businesses to connect to the internet at speeds faster than traditional broadband, which saves organizations time and money as well as increasing productivity.

For your home

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New residential customers to KC Fiber: call our office to set up installation. There is no monthly fee, after a one-time installation fee of $300.00. We schedule based on appointment availability. Please contact us for more information.

Friendly service

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Customer service is KC Fiber's top priority. Our office is conveniently located in downtown North Kansas City, and our staff provides fast, friendly, and professional customer service.

Important updates

In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are not currently accepting payments at our local KC Fiber office. Please make all payments online or by mail. This is a temporary situation. Thank you for your cooperation during this outbreak.

Network status

No reported outages

Latest news

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Temporary Changes to Bandwidth Limitations

In response to recent events, KC Fiber/liNKCity is temporarily lifting speed limitations for business class customers as of March 16th, 2020.

March 16, 2020
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Native IPv6 Support for Local Businesses

KC Fiber is pleased to announce the support of native IPv6 for our business class clients. If you would like to know more information, please contact our office or email support.

December 01, 2019
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Updates to the linkcity.org email server

As part of our plan to standardize KC Fiber infrastructure, we have decided to make minor changes to the user interface of our webmail server.

August 03, 2020
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Netgear Updates for these 45 Products

These 45 Netgear products will not be receiving security patches. If you own a Netgear router, please check Netgear's support site to see if your router needs a firmware update.

August 03, 2020
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Security Update for Netgear Routers

Netgear currently recommends updating the firmware on certain Netgear products. If you own a Netgear router, please check Netgear's support site to see if your router needs a firmware update.

August 03, 2020